About Us


Bakers’ Fair & Foodmart, Inc. humble beginnings began all the way back in 1965. Starting as a small bakery in downtown Manila employing only a handful of employees, some of its first few products were the Pinoy favorite Pan de Sal and the now-classic Pullman Bread. After getting positive feedback from its clientele, the bakery at the corner of C.M. Recto and Avenida, then opened more branches in Oroquieta, Raon and Ongpin. Soon, not only households got to enjoy the freshly baked goodness of Bakers’ Fair breads and pastries – but commuters, students, hotel and restaurant patrons as well.


In 1982, the once tiny bakery opened a bigger production facility in Sta. Cruz, Manila to meet the growing demand.

Equipped with modern bakery machines from all over the world, Bakers’ Fair’s well-trained workers are supervised by highly-skilled managers to produce world-class bakery products. These include classic Chinese pastries, unique European delights, Western breads and buns, as well as the well-loved Pinoy favorites. Soon, Bakers’ Fair shops became stacked with a wide assortment of baked goods which include the hot off the griddle Dice Hopia, the “baon” classic Mamon Roll, the rich old-fashioned Egg Pie, the heaven to goodness Leche Flan and the signature Bakers’ Fair Pianono Roll. Nowadays, even sophisticated wedding cakes and fancy birthday cakes adorn many Bakers’ Fair outlets.


Realizing the need to reach more customers, Bakers’ Fair chose to expand to more cities outside Metro Manila. This is why you can always find a Bakers’ Fair branch near you – whether you’re in the heart of the city, or in Bulacan, Alabang, Antipolo, Cavite or Laguna. Just look for the nearest bus station, wet market, public school, town church or shopping mall. At present, there are 36 outlets ready to serve you with freshly-baked goodies at affordable prices.


Despite the numerous challenges the company has faced through the years, Bakers’ Fair remains true to its original purpose – to provide affordable and nutritious bread and baked goods to the Filipino people, without compromising quality and delivered with a top level of service. Bakers’ Fair also remains committed to its institutional clients by providing quick, reliable solutions to their baked goods requirements. Since the very first day the first loaf of bread rolled out of its production line, Bakers’ Fair remains the bake shop “where you haste for better taste”.